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Data Rack Installation at Maxitrol in Southfield, Michigan

Data rack installation can be difficult and tiresome.

After Cable Terminators Michigan installed a data rack at Maxitrol in Southfield Michigan, they determined it would be helpful to others if they comprised a list of the data closet do’s and don’ts.  Cable Terminators Michigan wants to improve everybody’s data rack installation.  Below you will also see a picture of Maxitrol where Cable Terminators Michigan built and installed the data rack.

Data Closet Do’s and Don’ts

  • Have the proper equipment to build the rack
  • Make sure to get proper grounding bolts (Home Depot, Fastenal, etc)
  • Make sure to have a hammer drill readily available (drilling into a re-bar concrete floor is hard without one)
  • Rack must be easily accessible for cables management and installation purposes
  • DO NOT install a data rack within 3 feet of electrical equipment
  • DO NOT place rack in closed non aerated area (need ventilation)
  • DO NOT install a data rack in a small area with no room for expansion
  • DO NOT install a data rack in close quarters
Data Rack at Maxitrol_Southfield

8 Post Data Rack

Cable Terminators Michigan has made it a priority to maximize the amount of space used for a closet.  Working with Telnet Group Inc., the two businesses put together an 8 post rack for Maxitrol in Southfield, Michigan.  The 8 post rack easily has enough space for the hundred plus category 5e cables being addressed into this room.  It also has enough space for the rest of their equipment.  We all know how easily a 2 or 4 post rack can run out of room.  Installing the proper amount of equipment per rack is also important.  Cable Terminators Michigan believes in allowing enough room for adding easily so no problems will occur from someone bumping into the rack. Data racks have limits to weight.  On top of that, most buildings do not know when they plan on expanding.  Looking at Maxitrol, Cable Terminators Michigan installed a proper size rack for the facility.  The data rack installation allows Cable Terminators Michigan to access behind the rack with little to no problem.  Easy access means less mistakes, outages, and problems.

Data rack installation can create future problems or loss of service. These disconnects spawn from human mistakes during adding, changing, or operating inside the data closet. This is due to lack of room / movement inside a data closet.

If you are struggling with data rack installation, contact Cable Terminators Michigan today for a free quote and a look into your data rack installation needs.

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