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Structured Cabling Installation using a Manlift

Structured Cabling Installation using a manlift

Structured cabling installation using a manlift can be a very daunting, but “uplifting” experience.  Preparation and planning play a key role in completing the job in a safe and timely manner.  There are a few important factors to remember while working on a manlift to do a structured cabling installation.

Safety is the primary issue.  Cable Terminators requires the following safety precautions for any structured cabling installation using a manlift:Five Star Safety Harness

  • Two people needed for every job — one person on the ground and one person operating the lift
  • Five star safety harness — the lift operator is required to wear a safety harness unless the lift is completely caged in
  • Optional helmet — the ground person should wear some type of head protection, such as a hard hat
  • Cable placement — while installing the cable, all boxes or reels of cable being used should be placed in a safe location in view from all other heavy machinery in the area



Preparation and planning.  Cable Terminators has been successful in finishing structured cabling using a manlift in a timely manner because they take pride in planning ahead:Manlift basket

  • Call ahead to ensure that a manlift is available and operational on site
  • Scope out the area and clear any obstacles that may prevent the manlift from easy maneuverability
  • Keep all cable and other job materials required in an easily accessible area for the manlift operator



Cabling procedure.  Cable Terminators illustrates the best way to complete structured cabling installation using a manlift

  • While running cable, be sure the installer feeds the cable over water pipes, air ducts, and any other type of ceiling interference
  • J-hooks and beam clamps are used to help keep the cabling from resting on any permanent ceiling fixture
  • Depending on the job, Cable Terminators uses fiberglass poles or non-metallic pipe to aid in feeding the cables throughout the ceiling


When these safety, planning, and procedures are all followed, the structured cabling installation will be a breeze for your company to complete —

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