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Cable Terminators LLC

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Cable Terminators LLC

Cable Terminators LLC is a Michigan based company striving to quickly install most low voltage wiring.  We aim to set your cable standards higher.  Our qualified personnel with multiple years of experience are ready to help your next installation.  Certified and insured, we will provide your company the most efficient cable infrastructure to maximize your needs.  Appointment based, Cable Terminators will work at any hour of the day to avoid customer interference.

Zac Warner founded the company and has been doing structured cabling for over seven years.  The company was formed to help every telecommunication company in the Michigan area.  The objective is simple, work with customers from different phone system backgrounds to unite the telecommunication world.  Cable infrastructure is such a small percentage of a company budget, so the people laying the cable are what make the difference. If Cable Terminators LLC can make a company smile, then our job is done.

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