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First and foremost,

Zac is involved in coaching soccer at the youth level.  He has been coaching youth soccer for over five years and has impacted several hundred young athletes.  As of June 2013, Zac recently started working for CW3 Soccer Club based out of Walled Lake, Michigan.  CW3 is known for their recreational soccer league; however, Zac is part of their elite coaching staff working with the Extreme program also known as the premier program throughout Michigan.  Coaching three teams, Zac affects over thirty young female athletes.  The Extreme program is a major step upwards from a recreational league.  Practicing year around, Zac’s goal for each youth soccer player is to become a free thinking free decision making soccer loving lifelong fan.  In order to do this, Zac spends an incredible amount of time outside of the normal workday preparing training sessions to help excel the youth soccer players in the CW3 Extreme Program.  CW3 website can be found at CW3sa.org


Zac is involved in a Brewclub known as the Brewcats.  Based out of Linden, Michigan, Zac has been brewing beer with his father for over two years.  Along with the rest of the home brewers in the area, Brewcats has been able to brew several unique barrels of brew.  They are most famously known for their Black IPA, Chocolate Porter, and Galapagos Grind Stout.  Mostly brewing ales, the Brewcats are an up and coming Brewclub.  The only Brewclub servicing the Linden and Fenton area, Brewcats has over 20 members.  “The brew process is similar to baking cookies, you can always find ways to make them better, different, or more unique by changing one ingredient, timing of addition, or temperature” says Zac.  Even one degree Fahrenheit difference will effect the outcome of the beer, making brewing an altogether exotic experience.  Brewcats goal is to get the rest of the world on par with home brewing.  Brewcats are encouraging beer drinkers to stay away from the streamline Bud’s and Busch’s beers and drink local or homebrew beer.  Their website can be found at Brewcats.org


Zac is very involved with Piano Music.  Any free time Zac has is spent learning knew songs, playing old songs, and listening to classical piano music.  Since Zac began self teaching himself in early 2013, he is no expert.  However, owning a Roland FP-7F, one of the most realistic Digital Piano Roland has yet produced, has allowed Zac to aggressively learn and practice the piano.

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